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Home Window Tinting


 With Panorama energy efficient window film by Solar Gard professionally installed on your windows, you will enjoy many benefits including: 

  • A cooler climate in your home with less hot spots
  • Protection of your interior furnishings from sun damage
  • A safer environment from the risks of broken glass

 Energy efficient window film works like a sunscreen, rejecting  high levels of solar and infrared heat while blocking over 99% of  ultraviolet light from entering your home. 

 Once your film is installed on your windows, you won't notice it's  there, yet you will instantly benefit from it's overall performance. 


Keep it Cool with home window tinting from trusted professionals.


Keep it New


If year round comfort is what you're looking for, try the next generation in Low-E window film technology,

Solar Gard Ecolux.

Ecolux  window film will enable home and building owners to lower their energy  bills year-round by stabilizing room temperatures, via eliminating hot  spots in the summer and cold spots in the winter.